Why Websites?

There are a million different "roads to take" as a freelance writer.

Even for copywriters. That's why there's so many generalists who'll write anything for money. The thing is, generalists won't write anything as well as somebody who specializes in sales/email/websites/ads/brochures/whatever.

That's the obvious reason to specialize in a service or niche. You're better at what you do, and you offer more value to clients. Besides, if you're ever on the hiring end of the spectrum then you'll understand how difficult it is to find the "right fit" among all the newbies still trying to find their place.

Now if you're smart, you'll choose to specialize in a service that can be offered on a retainer basis. That could be content related (article marketing, email/blog management, etc.) or something completely different, like ad management. To spell it out, retainer clients offer a known monthly income you can count on, which is so important for staying out of that feast-or-famine trap.

Obviously, website copywriting isn't a retainer service.

Web pages are static. Writing web pages is a static job. So why would I choose to focus on this particular service as the first course I put together to help you grow your career as a freelance writer?

Simple. Every single web development or website repair client I've ever worked with needs ongoing services, and guess who they ask to work with them?

Instead of looking for jobs, I turn down requests for ongoing services that aren't "what I do".

And suggest the contract services I do provide.

In fact, that is the reason I put the Quality Content Writer group together. To help clients easily find the copywriters they need, based on specialized services/skills & niches/industries.

Back to the point. Most copywriters will shy away from "static" jobs like brochures or websites. They will also focus more on the immediate ROI projects (like sales pages) and avoid projects that take time to generate a return-- like a simple brochure website for a local bakery.

But, this is the best time and place to make connections that turn into relationships. There are a lot of hard ways to find long term clients, but the easy way is to build rapport with clients right from the start.

More importantly-- if you work in any part of web marketing-- you should know to identify & repair the common mistakes that affect bounce & conversion rates.

Website copywriting is, hands down, the best place to start as as copywriter.

And if you understand everything in this course, you'll be ready to offer this service as a specialty. (More value = more $$$.)

You may choose to modify instead of following everything to the letter, which is fine as long as you understand the WHY behind everything being taught.